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We are the pioneers in manufacturing and dealership of the international quality of Bakery Equipments, Chocolate making Equipments, Catering College Equipments Supplier, etc. We are wholesalers and dealer of leading brand of cooking chocolate and its allied products. We also deal in Candle Moulds, different types of waxes and various candle decoration materials. In the field of automated Bakery Industries,

M/s Arife Lamoulde has been leading manufactures of Bread Moulds, Cake Moulds, Baking Trays, Burger Trays, Bun Trays, Fancy Cake Moulds, Cake Decorating Accessories, chocolate moulds and other plant accessories.

Established in the year 1909 as a small manufacturing unit, Lamoulde has never looked backed & through it's extensive research & development program has continued to manufacture tough & robust Bread & Cake Moulds.

At Lamoulde, quality is a never ending quest. Lamoulde Bread Moulds are designed for maintaining quality & increased productivity. The shape of the Mould is engineered to provide firm support & to assure consistent size & shape of the baked product. Seamless or fabricated, both designs give positive release of bread & cake resulting in speedier production, thorough sanitation & easy maintenance. Strapped bread moulds ensure less handling and save man-power. Quality anodized aluminum & tinplate sheet efficiently absorbs radiated heat resulting in crustier loaf with higher consumer appeal. Light weight mould sets reduce additional load on conveyor & bearings which considerably reduce breakdown & maintenance costs.

Situated in Bombay, the financial capital of India, Lamoulde has privilege of manufacturing the best materials within stipulated time ensuring delivery on target. The moulds are manufactured from Aluminized Steel, Tinplate Sheet or Aluminum Sheet, as per requirement of the industry. The leading traders of India like Modern Food Industries (India) Ltd, Western India Baker’s Pvt. Ltd., Haldiram (Nagpur) & Monginis Food Pvt. Ltd. are major clients of Lamoulde we also supply tool kit to Chennai Institute of Hotel Management & other Hotel management and catering colleges all over India.

At ARIFE LAMOULDE we manufacture a wide range of bakery equipment like PLANETARY MIXRES, SPIRAL DOUGH MIXERS, BREAD/CAKE SLICERS, FLOUR SIFTERS, BREAD DOUGH MOULDERS. Beside these machines we also manufacture machine which are designed for special applications.

Our expertise lies in advising our customers the right machines by taking into account the actual production plan, Marketing Strategies, Market Position and Budget.

ARIFE LAMOULDE has always kept bakers interest at heart and promises to live up to their expectations and trust. Our machines at all times will ensure through their tough dedicated work to make Bakers proud of them.

WE are the Sole importer of beryl’s Gourmet Chocolate (Malaysia). We have established our firm in 2009 to meet best quality chocolate requirement in food industry. We have researched 2 years on imported chocolates which are available in India, and we find that all the importers are selling semi sweet compound chocolate in the name of dark compound, which contain not more than 16% of cocoa , therefore we have introduced Beryl’s Gourmet chocolate range which present various types of chocolate as per industry demand.

Welcome to Beryl’s Gourmet!

“BERYL’s range of gourmet fine chocolate well caters to cite to professional users as chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakeries, hotel, restraint and caterers. On top of this wide variety, BERYL’S will also provide customized gourmet fine chocolate products to meet each professional user’s need and specific requirement.

BERYL’S chocolate confectionery which is widely sold in supermarket and duty free shops around the region has enjoyed popular demands from end-consumer. The high quality and premium taste that consumer have continually savored form BERYL’S confectionery retail line have thus prompted BERYL’S to introduce the latest range of gourmet fine chocolate.”

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